There's no doubt you're interested in a career as a firefighter. But you're looking for more information. A lot of the stuff on the internet is vague or too brief to give you keen insight on all of your questions like....

  • How much is a firefighters salary?
  • What are the firefighter requirements?
  • Is a firefighter career right for me?
  • Can I be a volunteer firefighter before starting my career?
  • Do I need formal education to be a firefighter?

While we can't discuss all the topics that you're wondering about and want to know more about in one or two articles. It just wouldn't be right for us to give you the short versions instead of the honest and open view. We understand your frustration of searching and looking for an objective and detailed perspective. We've been there too on other topics, so what we've done is created this page as a huge resource for you. 

Each article gives you a ton of details. There are the main categories and under each are the subtopics. Some are very specific to common questions we get and fall under the FAQ section. There's a section on the steps, another on the academy, another on degrees, and the last section on salary and benefits. 

This page setup allows you to look around and get the answers as they come up. And if you don't see something here, just contact us and we'll try our best to get you the information as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide you with a ton of ridiculously detailed information to answer all of your questions. 

A career as a firefighter is like non other. While there's a ton of advantages and excitement, unfortunately there's also drawbacks and hazards. No career is perfect. But are you truly prepared for sacrifices both personally and family to have such an honorable and respected profession?

Steps to Firefighter

Acquire Training

Gain Formal Education

Salary & Benefits