Hey, how ya doin?  I'm Jim Connelly, the founder of Public Safety Elite.  

If you've ever ever asked yourself:

      • ​"How do I become a firefighter?"
      • "How can I get in the police academy?"
      • "How much do 911 Dispatchers make?"
      • "How do I get a corrections officer job?"
      • "How can I prepare for the interview?"

Or, if you've just needed someone else to point you in the right direction for your to take it from there (whether it's the steps in being a Police Officer, acing the written test, or know how to apply to the fire academy)....

... You're in the RIGHT place!​

Here's How Public Safety Elite

Helps You Know Everything

About Getting a Career in Public Safety

As you're well aware, there's a gap between:

  1. Wanting to be a firefighter, police officer, 911 dispatcher...
  2. The steps to start the journey,
  3. Getting through the fire or police academy,
  4. Finding the job,
  5. And acing the hiring process.​

I'm here to bridge that gap.

I believe the public safety service needs candidates like you.  Someone who's willing to work to get what they want.

What is the next step to becoming a firefighter, corrections officer, police officer, whichever public safety career​... that relates directly to your needs and makes you successfully achieve your dreams?

Instead of wasting your time going through terrible articles or blog posts, and digging through useless content...

... subscribe to Public Safety Elite (it's FREE), and you'll get proven tactics and strategies from someone who actually works in public safety with over 25 years of experience and hands on experience in hiring new candidates, helping them achieve their dream jobs.

Want to know the best part?

I'll give you exactly what you need to know without all the shenanigans.

And it's all tested actual public safety tacts, not based on Corporate blogs claiming they know what it takes.

All because I have seen the mistakes that people make in not choosing and following the right steps.

These public safety career tips are broken down into RIDICULOUSLY PRACTICAL TACTICS that you can start benefiting from RIGHT NOW.​

About Jim Connelly

jim connelly public safety elite

Public Safety Elite was founded by Jim Connelly.

Jim is currently a Chief Officer in a medium sized fire department.

Starting as a volunteer firefighter, Jim was hired by a small career fire department before progressing on to his current department.

Rising from firefighter all the way to Assistant Chief, he has been part of the many steps of becoming a firefighter.

This includes setting up the hiring process, reviewing resumes, administering written tests, managing interview boards, and coordinating the selection of candidates, all prime experience that's so valuable.

I was fortunate as my family has a long family lineage of firefighters, police officers, and 911 Dispatchers.  They offered proven advice from the start.​

Starting as a volunteer firefighter, I progressed to my first career position in three years.

After some time in a small department, I was fortunate to be offered a job with a premier fire department.

Seeing others fail in the hiring process was and still is tough.

Whether it's at the academy or during interviews, the long road can be challenging.

Frustrated, and not wanting others to repeat mistakes​ I see people make, I developed this website.

There is an endless source of information and training on the journey to a public safety career, but very little is detailed and correct.

Not wanting to leave the public safety sector without passing this knowledge on to others and helping you out, I am offering these proven tips for free.

If you want to get proven tips on how to start your public safety career, nail the hiring process, and get that dream job, all you have to do is follow us by clicking one ​social buttons below.

You won't get hard sales pitches, long sales pages, or fluffed up stuff from me.

Just real life examples and recommendations based on my own experience with public safety jobs.

Listen, you don't have to follow me or subscribe to any of my newsletters to get access to the blog, but you will get FREE exclusive tips as well as access to free ebooks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you after your get one of the best jobs in the world!


Jim Connelly

Public Safety Elite​